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Gays & Lesbians are becoming escorts.

Although many do not realise it. That in our modern society, there are an ever growing number of gay relationships. Although most are only interested in the same sex. There are also many that are Bisexual as well. Over the last few years my observations have been such. That many of these bisexuals are working as escorts now. This allows them to have a same sex relationship, but carve out a very profitable income without getting involed.

Like gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Escorts are more often than not shunned by society its self. Although very are very much a bit part of it, a wanted and need part I must add to that. We have conducted much reasearch here at Argra organisation, to study the ever changing needs and trends of gays in our society.

Societies views on escorts.

How society views escorts depends if you are perceived as 1) a prostitute, whore and street girl or 2) an escort, high class escort or elite courtesan. Whatever working title that has been given to the girl, ultimately, they sell sex for money the only condition that usually changes is the place of work, who she works for and the appearance of the girl. Whatever way you look at it, an escort is a sex worker.

So, is it fair to say that society has glamorised escorts, whilst degrading prostitutes? Of course that depends on which person in society you ask!

We are pretty positive a loving wife who has just discovered that her husband is secretly visiting escorts will view an escort as a home wrecker and a low life. But the wife who doesn’t ever find out her husband has been visiting escorts to fulfill his sexual desires and therefore he stays in a sexless marriage, won’t ever call an escort a marriage counsellor or sex therapist. An escort encounter is bitter- sweet, it allows men to be sexually satisfied. But the general consensus from other jealous females is that escorts are slags, sluts and whores.

That is of course, unless you have watched the film “pretty woman”, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Then every man in society wants to visit an escort, every female in society want to be an escort and every prostitute who is currently working wants to become an international escort with a rich sugar daddy. Unless of course in society you are a “pretty woman” activist and you will see the film normalizing sex workers that could potentially destroy lives.

The findings of survey.

We decided to do a survey on society’s views of escorts. So let´s  put being an escort or prostitute into perspective, based in our findings. It is a simple transaction, a trade for a service. In larger cities, being an escort is “tolerated” as it reduces crimes such as rape and sexual abuse. Therefore, societies views on escorts are underestimated at how much good they actually do for society!

Our society survey showed that escorts were viewed as dirty, sexually transmitted disease carriers. This of course is a huge misconception! As escorts are aware of the health risks, they visit the clinic regularly for s.t.d checkups and always use protection like a condom. Statistically, sexually transmitted diseases are caught from one-night stands, where no protection is used.

Our studies show that society views escorts as manipulated victims, who have their passports taken away from them or drugs pushed upon them by violent pimps.

If you ask anyone in the escort industry society they will tell you that in realism, being an escort is a victimless crime. It is two consenting adults (sometimes more if you are adventurous * wink) who are buying and selling and having fun at the same time. Anyone in the escort industry society will tell you that escorts help to save marriages and relationships. Escorts can boost a man’s confidence and general wellbeing. But of course, society can only view escorts on what they’re told by the media.

So who actually cares how society views escorts? Until society has been an escort, then they have no right to comment on someone else’s life and how they choose to live it.

Who are the best escorts in Leeds 

The best escorts in Leeds are those female companions who have strived to make a fantastic reputation. They are skilled in customer service. They take their profession seriously. They adapt to the needs of every client that they meet. But most importantly, they genuinely care about pleasing their customers! They are respected by those in the escort industry. Although every person in Leeds City goes to work for money, the Leeds escorts who are the best appear to genuinely enjoy their job. Making their clients happy, gives them self-satisfaction, which in return gives them a good income.  

The Leeds escorts who stand out from the rest also carefully choose who makes their personal bookings. Whether they choose to work for themselves or be represented by a Leeds escort agency. Some girls feel that the most professional person to make their bookings are themselves. Whereas other girls build a working relationship with a reliable agency. The first impression of any escort is based upon a friendly and helpful person who first takes the call and makes the booking.  

The best escorts in Leeds always make an effort in their appearance. Far too often, girls can become lazy or disinterested. Attention to detail in a personal appearance shows the customer that an effort has been made. From personal hygiene and perfume, to hair, nails and makeup, to being appropriately dressed for the occasion. A client wants to be attracted to his companion. A client wants to feel proud taking her out in public. 

Behavior and a positive attitude towards the customers ensure good companionship. Nobody wants to pay for the time of a girl who has a bad diva personality. Nobody wants to be embarrassed by a female´s bad language or inappropriate opinions.  

Reliability is another key factor. Escorts who consistently arrive for their bookings on time. Who are available at short notice. Or those who say they are available for a pre-booking and do attend. Many clients plan their entire work or personal diary around the need to visit an escort. Therefore, if an escort is unreliable, it is more disappointing than you will ever realise 

To see who the best Leeds escorts are, it is recommended that you read previous client reviews. Choose a companion who offers the requirements that you need. For example, don’t book a specialist party escort if you require a dinner date with a lady. Book a Leeds escort that is best for you!