About Argra

Argra.org is my personal blog about all the things in society that no one wants to talk about. My main focus is that of gay, lesbians and bisexual relationships and the effect society puts on them. As well as researching and writing about the changing shifts in todays modern society. Towards gay marriages, lesbian relationships and how many are turning to escorting to make a living.

My aim is not to cause controversy, but instead expell it. But writing about these subjects in an informative and constructive manner. My hope is to educate people and show them the need society really does have for these people. Showing the story from the side of the person that is actually involved. Not just some onlooker that knows only 10% of the truth and draws their conclusion from this aspect.

I, Domingo Sanchez write my blogs based on real life information. Drawn from many resources and certainly never from only one side. There is a clear need for the acceptance of gays, lesbians and bisexuals in society and i want to show you this from as many possible angels that I can achieve. Progression and peace is never achieved by being ignourant in to what goes on in the societies we all live in! Instead education and not being afraid to speak out for your beliefs is exactly what is needed. This is what I, Domingo Sanchez is here to achieve. A clean honest message that shows the real situation.

This is my hobby, buts its also my biggest passion in life. I spend countless hours reasearching, connecting with people and observing what is actually going on around me. I myself am a gay man and I understand better than most, that society has a totally different aspect and point of view about me. One which is very far from the truth and this is the same for escorts in our society. It came to my attention though observation that a large number of gay and bisexual men and woman, whom are already used to be the outcasts of society. Are not turning to the escort industry as a source of income. Not concerned about societies views on them. So I have now turned my attention to really study and help those involved or curious to overcome the stigma about being not only gay, but working as an escort also.