Differences between escorts and prostitutes

prostitutes are not the same as escorts

The term prostitute usually has a derogatory meaning whereas an escort is considered to be a higher class. Prostitutes are considered to be street girls, with lower morals and self-esteem. Whereas escorts are considered to be business women with professional manners, behavior and appearance. Visually, you can usually see a stereotypical prostitute, but an escort has an upper-class image.

Prostitutes are paid solely for sex which is considered illegal and thus has a stigma about her. An escort is paid for time and companionship and to entertain her clients. An escort is paid more than a prostitute even though she doesn’t always have sex with her clients. She is normally paid for her company for a night out, event or longer durations. Escorts are considered to be “arm candy” for refined gentlemen.

As previously mentioned, prostitutes have intercourse or oral with their clients for an agreed price. If you call an escort, a prostitute, she will go mad at you, because the different in class and social stature is immense! It is considered to be dirty and degrading to be a prostitute, but if you are an escort it is considered to be glamorous and a highly profitable career.

Can a prostitute become an escort? This all depends on her looks, background, education and likability. Some people state that prostitutes and escorts are the same thing, only the job title is different. Or that the word ´escort´ is just a front for being a ´prostitute´.

Sex is offered by both prostitutes and escorts of course.

Whilst a prostitute will offer sex, an escort has many job roles. She is a very talented woman and has the ability to talk and offer many different services, including sexual services, sex toys, fantasy roleplay outfits for your experience. Not only is she a sex worker and entertainer, she is a councilor, a sex therapist, a masseuse, lap dancer and a mental health worker. A bisexual escort has the added role of being a relationship councilor and a relationship sexual therapist for couples!

Some naive women who want to work in the adult industry think that being an escort is easy money, but a lot of hard work, effort and positive mental attitude goes into the job. Other naive women, think it’s quick sex with a stranger and the man will be satisfied, they become prostitutes. Men want alot more than a quickie with an impersonal prostitute. Men behave strong and mentally stable when in fact, they are the most emotional of the sexes. Men require a sympathetic ear, compassion, someone to talk to who will listen to their problems and give advice or a cuddle. Overall, men require a girlfriend, and this is why they visit escorts who offer G.F.E or Girlfriend Experience. After all, men are humans and who doesn’t want a sexual relationship with no commitments or dramas?!

Stereotypically, prostitutes normally have somebody behind the scenes, namely a pimp. This is perceived to be a bad man, who forces the prostitute to work, take drugs, and takes her money. Whether they work and advertise independently for themselves, called an independent escort or they are represented by an escort agency, escorts are not controlled by anyone. They are escorting because it what they want to do, not because a pimp is forcing them to do it.

So, taking everything into consideration, the difference between prostitutes and escorts either depends whether you think the status represents the same job, or whether an escort is a higher-class prostitute, or whether you perceive them to be two different requirements for each job?

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