Events and entertainment

I like to put together several events each year. For us all to get together in a social manner, allowing us time to discuss all these important matters surrounding our society. As well as giving us a chance to enjoy some top entertainment. I like to connect with my followers in more than just a digitial way. There is nothing better than engaging in events with like minded people, be surrounding by those on the same wave length as yourself is amazing!

We have completed many great entertaining events in recent years. Including by not limited to:

  • Rodeo school.
  • Multipule dances.
  • Rodeo events with our own vip boxes.
  • Singing competitions.
  • Live bands.
  • Comedy shows.
  • Male and female strip shows.
  • Gay rights marches.
  • Escort house visits.

I always welcome suggestions for upcoming events and please feel free to contact me to make your suggestions. Its important that the entertainment is suitable for us all.

How to get information and invites to our events:

Due to the fact that there are some people out there that dislike what we stand for. We no longer make our invites, events or tickets public. To keep things private and secure, we know send all information out directly by email. We can then asses each person that applies to attend. In order to receive these invites and information. Please sign up for our list below.

Once you have been verified by me, I will forward you the information in advance. The details of each event will give you full information about how to buy the tickets. We have a cut off time for each event and all tickets must be brought before this date. Its not possible to purchase tickets on the day of the event. We need to organise everything in advance and not over purchase anything. Hence why we need to place such a cut off time.