Experiences with GFE escorts

Experiences with GFE escorts

Paul, 42 from Leicester

My company sent me on a business trip to London during the summer. It was to be for four months overseeing a new project. I commuted home for the first six weeks to see my friend and family, but sometimes I was needed onsite on a Saturday, by the time I had finished work, it was too late to travel home. After a few weeks like that I started to feel lonely and isolated. I had used an escort service before so I decided to book a girl to keep me company. The thing is I did not know which agency was reputable. So I contacted this agency as I had booked from them before. They told me that they could send an escort to London! To say I was impressed is an understatement. Even though she had travelled so far, she arrived on time. The escort turned up looking fresh faced and was not tired at all. We spent a wonderful evening together.

John, 53 from Kettering

I am new to booking escorts. I was so nervous. But the GFE escort put my mind at ease. Her gentle manner and understanding made the whole experience unforgettable. I will not hesitate to book her again.


Because of my culture and religion, escorts are frowned upon. But I am not ashamed of booking their services. From beginning to end the girl behaved like a true lady. She was nothing at all like I had been taught. In fact, being with her opened my eyes to what the industry is really like and it removed my prejudices. Plus, she was extremely clean. I did not think for one second there would be any health risks involved with booking her – Which of course, there wasn’t!

Carl, 27 from Sussex

When I was doing service in the army, a lot of my friends regularly visited brothels when they were allowed off base. The whole idea of going somewhere like that didn’t really turn me on. So I started thinking about using an escort service as it seemed less seedy. I googled escort agencies in my area. And booked to visit a girl in her apartment. (I wasn’t allowed to book her to visit me on the army base). I had very little idea as to what to expect. I was a bit green in the whole sex thing. Everything about the experience was undeniably erotic. I visited her every week whilst I was stationed there. She taught me so many things that I now do with my current girlfriend. I don’t want to say what we did as I think what happens behind closed doors should stay there. But, in a nutshell, I matured sexually with this escort and if I find myself in need of one again, I would not hesitate to book one.

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