Health risks of seeing an escort

health risks of seeing an escort

What are the health risks of booking an escort? One of the main ones would be off course contracting some sort of sexually transmitted disease because no matter what they tell you, you don’t know the escort well enough to be able to trust her. I am not saying that every escort is some STD riddled, untrustworthy person but you’re better off safe than sorry and it’s not worth taking the risk of having unprotected sex with an escort just in case. You don’t want to wake up in the morning after a night of partying and unsafe sex with an escort only to find out that when you go for a pee it feels like a fire is coming out of your penis. 

There are obviously more serious things that can happen to someone through booking an escort and that would off course aids, a sexually transmitted disease that could off course kill you! Now, this isn’t something that you can only get from an escort, but she is potentially seeing anywhere between 5 up to 15 clients per day and the odds of her having some sort of disease is a lot higher than your average women walking down then local high street or even in the nightclub. Again, it’s always important to wear protection and avoid taking risks. You don’t want to be known as “the guy with aids” now do you? You probably already know that but there’s nothing wrong with reminding somebody off the risks they’re taking.  

Other health risks to consider.

It’s not all just about wearing rubbers and protecting yourself from life threating diseases however. There’s also a side where a person (especially an older or lonely one) can become emotionally attached to an escort and that can mess with them mentally. There’s no doubt you will like an escort, but you also have to appreciate that she’s with you because she has to be, not because she wants to be. Some clients can’t grasp that though and honestly believe the escort allows them to have sex with them because there is some sort of “connection” between the two of them. This is a risk for clients as they can become hurt mentally by an escort, that can happen between two normal people yes but not to the same level as a client and his preferred escort. Being physically hurt and mentally hurt are two different things but hurt just as much as the other. 

Another risk of seeing an escort is the safety off it all, meeting an unknown woman and inviting her into your home isn’t just dangerous for the things I’ve already stated, it’s also dangerous because you don’t know what this woman is like in her personal life. You could leave your money up on the side, go to the toilet only to come out and find that the escort has stolen it for herself! Again, you have always got to think about the safety of yourself and the things around you. Stay safe and don’t take risks!

If you have any concerns about your sexual health, please do not leave it! You can find your local sexual health clinic here. Remember its nothing to be embarrassed about! The earlier you treat any STD the better the outcome will be for you.

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