London escorts dish out the dirt on what different nationality clients are like

London escorts dish out dirt on the difference between clients of all nationalities

London escorts are greeted with lots of different requests from their clients. These girls are very open-minded and enjoy complying with what their clients want. They admit, though, that they have noticed something curious. Clients from different nationalities make distinct requests. This does not faze these experienced girls one little bit. They love the fact that they are going to be asked to do something different.

Lights out!

They know that men from countries like Ireland and Spain tend to ask their escorts to do the acts requested without the light on. They say it is because it is what they are used to doing with their women in their home countries. London escorts will always turn the lights off if asked. But they know that their clients get more of an experience. If they can see what is going on. Visual stimulation counts for a lot when indulging in sex. So, they will encourage their clients to try something new. However, they will always accept if their clients do not wish to experiment.

Bareback is not accepted

Something that seems to be common amongst the Nordic clients. Is the expectation that going bareback is accepted! Guys, what are you thinking? There is no way will you get a reputable London escort to bareback with anybody, (unless it’s her own long-term boyfriend). Expecting your London escort to have sex without a condom is downright disrespectful. Unfortunately, when a client asks an escort to bareback, she will decline. If the client becomes insistent, she will not back down. She will end up cancelling the appointment if the truth be known.

Romance and passion

London escorts confess that their favourite clients are the ones from the Mediterranean. These men like to romance their escort before taking them to bed. They are passionate lovers who want more than just quick sex. They love to spend time on foreplay, building up their escorts into a sexual frenzy before letting go in the most sensual intercourse imaginable. Although, one thing that they ask their Mediterranean clients to do, especially the Italians, is to avoid eating garlic before their time together. These girls know the health benefits of eating garlic; however, they appreciate fresh breath more. Give your escort a fresh kiss and stay off the garlic before meeting her.

Fancy gifts

Middle Eastern clients like to spoil London escorts. They buy them fancy, expensive gifts. But they expect something in return. When they book an escort, they expect to receive a high class experience from even the most standard of escorts. When they are in the bedroom, they expect to be the centre of attention. They like the London escort to focus everything on his pleasure. They do not seem to be overly interested in the escort’s pleasure. However, London escorts really don’t mind this, as they absolutely love to please. It just gives them more of a chance to show off their skills in the bedroom!

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