Stress busting with escorts

stress busting with escorts

There are some escorts out there who do not offer some of the long term encounters that others offer. Experiences like the girlfriend experience are for those clients who want to experience something closely resembling a real relationship. This is not the ideal type of experience a person should book if they are looking for a way to relieve their stress. Something like a simple incall is much better. If a person is looking to de-stress they do not want to chat and snuggle. What they are looking for is something a bit more animalistic and self-indulgent. When a man approaches an incall escort or even an outcall escort. They are more interested in just letting go and not having to be concerned with whether or not their partner was also satisfied.

Believe it or not, but escorts also get stressed. Against popular belief, an escort does not just lie on her back all day. They are very hard working and are constantly trying to think of new and imaginative ways to entertain their clients. They probably work more hours than most office workers. As they have a lot of pressure on them to look good. So they spend a lot of their free time in the gym or beauty salons ensuring they are in tip top condition when they meet their clients.

Enjoy yourself

For this reason, our escorts also enjoy the quick encounters with their clients. It gives both client and escort the chance to enjoy themselves.

We asked one of our busiest incall escorts to tell us how she helps clients to lower their stress levels.
I used to work as a girlfriend experience escort, but I found that it did not provide the majority of my clients with what they exactly needed. My clients always left contented, but they tended to want to jump straight into bed when they arrived, which is not what the GFE is all about. I am an adventurous escort and I love to have to all types of casual encounters. I find that they suit my own personal preferences. So, I decided to drop offering the girlfriend experience from my services and solely focus on the fun, quick side of the industry. As these appointments tend to be short in duration, I decided that the best thing for my clients was to give them value for money. To do this I found that the best way to start the appointment was to greet my customers already dressed in my lingerie, ready for action. Of course, if they book me for an outcall, I turn up dressed appropriately. I like to have the lights dimmed and have some essential oils burning to create a relaxed atmosphere from the very beginning. Being relaxed at the start of the time together is exceptionally important if my client is to reduce their stress levels with me. I usually help my client to undress, gently kissing them over their body as I do so. Then, most of them like to have a massage or they request that I give them a blow job. They never request a hand job as this just finishes them too soon. From the foreplay, we then move on to having sex. It is usually doggy style or standing up both of us facing the wall. It might sound detached, but this is how I have that my clients can reduce their stress levels more. There are some clients who like me to ride them. Basically, whatever they ask me to do, I do without question. I have a few clients who will book me every so often as they know that with me they get a no-nonsense encounter. I love these appointments. I too can have my releases. It also helps me to not get too attached to my clients and vice versa.

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