Why escorts are needed in society

Why escorts are needed in society

Despite pressures from high authorities, such as the police and government, escorts are still working all over the UK independently and for escort agencies and clients are still visiting them. So, despite all these people knowing they are committing a crime, they are not stopping. The simple fact is, society needs escorts! Society has always needed escorts and society will always need escorts Because escorts in society are a form of therapy, both mental and physical. The basic need of a sexual encounter with a female is necessary for men to function correctly. Escorts will always be needed in society because many men and women have sexual urges that just can’t be satisfied in their personal lives for various reasons.

Unfortunately, nowadays social media has consumed the world. It is more difficult to meet and talk to people, therefore many men are single for longer. This is causing loneliness, isolation and insecurity. Escorts provide a service to society that can cure the above problems. We must take into consideration, the men in society who are unable to have a healthy relationship because of disabilities, old age, mental health problems and lack of confidence. We must remember that these men in society are still human with urges and desires like any other man! So why must they be denied the right of female companionship or sex if it’s consensual?!

Men save marriages with escorts.

There are many men in society who visit escorts purely to save their marriage or relationships. They need some sexual knowledge, a confidence boost or some spice putting into their sex life. Remember, an escort is much more than a sex worker as she is a sex therapist too. And it is not just the men in society who visit escorts, women visit them too! In society, many couples visit escorts together to enhance their boring sex lives and to put some spark into their relationship.

Some realistic law enforcement secretly ‘tolerates’ escorts and escort agencies in society. They know they are there, they know it is an illegal activity, but providing there is no one making a nuisance or a disturbance to the general public, they are allowed to continue their sexual activities. So why do some police forces turn a blind eye to escorts? It is because, they are also human and know that escorts are needed in society as they keep sexual crimes down. Escorts actually help the police! Men are able to indulge in their secret fantasies, in a safe controlled manner without hurting anyone in society. This is slightly a taboo subject, because some of the fantasies may be considered to be ´sick´. However, it is between two consenting adults, in secret where no one is left traumatized or hurt. Isn’t is better that a man and his sexy secretary escort acts out a fantasy of being sexually assaulted, then it actually happening?

Even the highest standing member of society need escorts.

Many men in society with a high status have been caught using escorts, including the football player Wayne Rooney, the actor Hugh Grant and Tiger Woods. All of these high-profile men in society were in relationships at the time of seeing escorts and yet these men still felt that an escort was needed.

Many men in society are simply so busy with work, that the only way they can have any form of female company or a relationship is with a no strings attached escort. They do not have time for a relationship but still have the sexual desires and cravings like any other man. Therefore, escorts are needed for these gentlemen in society. The same applies for students, young men studying but do not have the time to find or have a relationship.

Ultimately, every man and woman in society has different needs, wants and desires needed to fulfill his life. Sometimes, more often than not, only an escort has the ability and open mindedness to satisfy these mental and sexual cravings. Many men would be highly embarrassed to admit their secret fetish of dressing in women’s clothes or asking their wives to dress up as a schoolgirl.

Visiting an escort is such a secret activity and yet so many men visit them! This is because we do not live in a perfect world. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a perfect sexual relationship where work doesn’t get in the way, they can talk openly about their sexual desires. This is exactly why escorts are needed in society

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