Smoking Fetishes

Smoking Fetish is an interesting fetish, in that the smoking fetish is a type of sexually transmitted disease (STD). But, like so many fetishes, this one is a bit kinky as well. Smoking fetishism is a sexual fetish based around the oral ingestion of tobacco, usually through cigarettes, pipes, and oral hypnosis devices and hypodermics to a certain degree. As such, its underlying mechanics regard erotic stimulation from the visual or imagined anticipation of a cigarette, either including oneself in the act or merely observing someone else smoking. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

As with all fetishes, it can be very powerful or terribly, simply harmless. If a woman is experiencing it, she’ll need to be careful not to allow the fetal condition to take over her whole life. A woman with a smoking fetish who gets too wild for good, may end up being quite a destructive force for herself and others. After all, even if the thought of smoking is not particularly appealing to you – and many people who don’t smoke consider it to be socially unacceptable – that doesn’t mean you should start indulging in the smoking habit. It’s unhealthy on a number of levels. Here are just a few:

Nicotine is a highly addictive drug that damage the nerves, blood vessels, and muscles, especially in the lungs. When a woman smokes, these damages can be prevented; in fact, they can be reversed. But the smoking Fetish is very real, and the damage it can cause to you or others cannot be overestimated.

An intense form of stress and tension can be caused by a smoking fetish in women, especially because smoking induces feelings of anxiety in them, which they then associate with sexual desire. To cope with this, a woman may fantasize about being strangled by a ligustrum or being burned at the stake. This can be incredibly debilitating for her and can interfere with her enjoyment of sex.

Of course, the other side of the coin is that smoking can cause cancer. The tar in cigarettes leaves a residue on clothes and surfaces, and the residue can sometimes be passed on during sexual contact. If a woman has a smoking fetish, she may feel the urge to dress as if she were engaged in some kind of sex act, even if there is nothing sexual happening. It can be incredibly detrimental to her sex life.

It is important to remember, too, that a smoking Fetish is not a healthy desire. It is unhealthy from every standpoint. Women who have these intense sexual desires and get no fulfillment from it are often emotionally broken as a result. They may even go so far as to commit suicide. The good news is that most women will find a way to overcome their smoking Fetish, but if they don’t, they should seek help.